Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Kerrie Christmas 11 - Christmas Truffle Puddings

I have many friends who adore these little puddings. Cheap commercial fruit cake can be used to make them, although I seem to always have some ends of fruitcake to use up. This version has the cake mixed into melted chocolate, however, they can be made with just cake crumbs moistened with brandy and made into 'squishy' balls. Another homemade gift idea or on a platter of sweet treats to serve with coffee.

Christmas Pudding Truffles
200g dark chocolate
200 g fruit cake crumbs, moistened with a little brandy or other liqueur

To Finish/ Decorate
 200g dark chocolate, melted to coat the puddings
100g white chocolate, melted to make the custard
Slivers of lolly mint leaves and glace cherries to make the holly

Melt chocolate. I use the microwave – medium heat in 30 second to 1 minute intervals.
Add moistened cake crumbs. Mix well.

The mixture should be moist enough to hold together and roll into small balls. If too dry add some extra liqueur or a little more melted chocolate. If the mixture is very sticky add some extra cake or chopped nuts

Roll mixture into small balls
Dip each ball into melted dark chocolate and place on a tray covered with baking parchement. 

Refrigerate to set. The chocolate will form a little puddle around the base.

When set, spoon a little melted white chocolate over the top of each pudding and decorate with the slivered mint leaves and cherries.

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