Sunday, 14 December 2014

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

It is, really it is. Our Christmas decorating usually takes place in the first week of December, we are a little behind but have made great inroads this weekend. I like to get in the mood so I put on the Christmas carols make a coffee and unpack all the stuff. This takes a bit of effort as all the decorations are individually wrapped, packed in boxes by type and then stored in an old leather suitcase. There are lots of glass decorations so the packing up is important. This is a a peak into our Christmas.

First up, the Christmas wreath

and then the front door mat.

Next, the hallway. A vase of stick like branches and foliage with baubles is narrow enough to fit on the hallstand without catching on people going past.

Sometimes. I wish for a big blank space, it would be so much easier than packing away all the knick knacks, cushions and stuff that decorates our family room or perhaps we should have made red the accent colour rather than orange. This year less stuff has been packed away and we are simply combining the traditional red and gold with some of the orange.

Our tree stands on a table and nearly reaches the ceiling. We put the tree on the table twenty four years ago to prevent little fingers pulling the decorations off the tree and the habit stuck. I can't imagine it at ground level. Red and gold baubles and decorations galore, many of them birds, and collected for a long time. Most years, I buy something to add to the collection.

The indoor plants get a makeover with some sprays of berries and some of my Santas

Poinsettia always makes an appearance, this year smaller and arranged amongst the knick knacks I didnt put away.

Three Wise Santas, more of my creations along with a jar of baubles

The turtle doves perching on the cinnamon sticks. Each year they are given another splash of cinnamon oil to provide a subtle, warm spice aroma .

St Nick  watches over

This is another of my Santas. There is only one of him, he is a bit special as his face, hands and boots all  needed to be sculpted and he has a full outfit of clothes including his fur trimmed cloak.

Then the bathroom, the orange angel is a favourite decoration, she moves around the house all year.

and just enough time to make a start on the sitting room.

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  1. Oh how i love that orange angel, she is so beautiful.