Friday, 26 December 2014

Christmas Fun

On Christmas day I put on my special apron, play some carols

and get into some serious cooking

The tables are set. There is not a lot of room on the tables for decoration but the essentials are there.

The bon bons not only decorative but provided some entertainment. Each one contained a whistle. Mark, our 'conductor' was able to coax some very tuneful carols from us.

We have hosted celebrated Christmas Day for the last twenty four years, It is a day when some of my family and a variety of our friends come together, the faces and numbers can vary from year to year but the lunch is the same every year.

Some bubbly and garlic and chilli prawns in the garden

followed by a buffet style traditional meal

of roast meats, vegetables and all the trimmings.

Dessert is always Christmas pudding, fresh fruit

and that Australian tradition of Pavlova. Coffee with brandy cream on top and chocolates to finish.

It is a bit of a tight fit but somehow everyone squashes in. There is lots of laughter, conversation and plenty of wine and fun.

Hats are optional, it is truly 'the season to be jolly'.

Dinner is a more casual affair, platters of sanwiches made with the leftover meats, and according to one of the guests - joy of joys white bread. They were not to know that the bakery that was open only had white bread. Some delicious cheese, cake, shortbread, chocolates and more wine.

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  1. Kerrie Christmas - always the best! Amazing food and wonderful company. Thank you Kerrie (and Ray)