Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Men At Work - Dealing with Nature's Bounty

This year, the broadbeans have been bountiful, so bountiful that we have had lots of meals such as this spaghetti dish , and this pasta with scallops, asparagus and broad beans  and so much broad bean dip that friends and family are beginning to wonder if I can cook anything else. We have also managed a few bags for the freezer.

Every hard working cook needs even harder working help. Double podding is a time consuming business and one of those tasks where many hands make light work.

Our crop has finished, the broad bean plants have been removed and mulched and that hard working man of the house has planted zucchinis and tomatoes as a replacement. The lettuces are a good size and the first planting of asian greens has given way to another. I think the potato crop is nearly ready to harvest.

The apricot tree is loaded, hopefully the fruit will stay on the trees and we will get to harvest before the birds. I am looking forward to lots of containers of slow roasted stone fruit and maybe a few jars of homemade apricot jam.

Lots of plums and quinces on the way, harvesting the fruit is definitely man's work at our house.

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