Monday, 20 October 2014

It's All About the Outdoors

Time for the great outdoors. We spent some time walking in the bush, hunting down native orchids like these pink fairy orchids

The intrepid 'Bear' Maloney went caving at Mammoth Cave

Trekking across the creeks, using the stumps as stepping stones,

 rock hopping in Augusta 

Then some time at the lighthouse

This pirate cow installed at the Augusta Lighthouse - Moorine Marauder,  one of the many cows that can be found in the Margaret River area.

The golf club at Augusta, probably the closest that Ray will come to the home of the 'Masters' in Augusta, USA.

Instead of the famous azaleas we found this

So I guess 'Bear' had to find food in the more conventional places

Blue Ginger, an excellent source of coffee, meals and produce and only minutes from our cave.

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