Sunday, 12 October 2014

'Boogieing' the Night Away

My friend Ange decided to celebrate her big O birthday with a disco, not one to disappoint I whipped up a costume and brushed up on my disco moves.

Every princess needs a prince, Ray wearing an original pair of flares, borrowed for the occasion, a $5 wide collar shirt from the op shop and a medallion, not happy to put the wig on until we get to the party.

Disco royalty in all their finery!

How to quickly whip up a 70's costume

Faux flares made from glittery silver material stitched to sequin elastic over black  pants

A garish print top

Platform shoes, more about these later

Bold jewellery and big hair, buy or borrow a wig

Lots of makeup, dark eyeshadow, blush and lippy

The biggest challenge - size 42 platforms, extra wide fitting needed , almost impossible to find, however at the local Vinnies was a mixed pair of platforms size 9 for the right foot way to small and size 10 for the left. At $4 I could afford to play around and cobble my own. 
This is the result

The original shoe, crippling and way too tight  

The first thing was to remove the upper

and replace it with a wider one, had a hunt through the cupboard and found this extra wide and strong elastic - perfect for the wide foot with a bit of a bunion. Cleats or nails with a big head needed to prevent the nails pulling through the elastic

Then the toes need to be gathered up and secured .

Not perfect but would do for the event - I even managed to dance for several hours in them!

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