Wednesday, 3 September 2014

A Wee Scottish Treat - Tablet

This little adventure into Scottish cookery came about as a result of taking some home made fudge to my knitting group. Julie and Emma, two of my knitting companions said it was just like Tablet only smoother and a bit creamier. Tablet has a grainier texture than fudge according to these two ladies, who were quite keen to reminisce about this 'wee Scottish treat'

My curiosity was piqued so a little internet search found this recipe for Scottish Tablet. So I made my first batch and took it along to knitting. The ladies considered it be very good. I thought it was delicious and very addictive, even my disciplined husband Ray found it hard to stop at one piece. It makes a lot so I would make a half quantity if making it again. The  recipe contains 1 kg sugar, condensed milk, butter and some salt and is definitely not a low joule snack.

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