Monday, 18 August 2014

Busy and Fun Weekend

This weekend I went to an exhibition of knitted pelts  at the Wool Museum. It is a fantastic exhibition and well worth a visit. This is one of the magnificent pieces of Ruth Marshall's work.

The museum also organised a workshop with the artist. A small group of ladies spent the afternoon learning about the process of mapping the skins and then making a small swatch that focussed on a very small section of a pelt. It was very interesting to talk to the artist about the process and  I found out about asymetric graph paper for knitting and revisited Intarsia knitting.

My picture was of a tiger, however, as I only had black and white yarn with me it is more like a bit from a zebra than a tiger. My swatch has four rows of moss stitch all around it and could be used for a pocket.

Went to an orchid show with some friends who are members of the organising group. The displayed orchids were beautiful - shame there is not enough space in the garden to expand my collection. I will have to make a little more room as I couldn't resist purchasing this one. It should fit in very nicely with my brown/chocolate orchids.

I spent a happy afternoon stitching this sample page for a textile art sampler book with a friend and fellow GeeTAGer. It is a collage of different papers attached to felt, interestingly some papers are easy to stitch into and others less successful. There is still a litle section to finish. More about the Geelong Textile Art Group here.

and then finished and pressed this small piece of embroidery that I made for a friend from my knitting group. It is as a decorative patch for a child's jacket - there were three designs to choose from, a cat, a dog and a fish. The cat won. She has been very patiently waiting for this and can now stitch it to the jacket. .

Thinking about the knitting group prompted me to dip some leftover honeycomb in chocolate, ready for the supper plate. It should appeal to them as they all seem to have a sweet tooth.

A last minute decision led to a Sunday roast dinner, luckily there was still some of this cheesecake for dessert. The guests came bearing these lovely roses.

and after dinner a little quiet time, relaxing and knitting in front of the TV.

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