Monday, 14 July 2014

Nearly finished

Very soon I have to submit a folio for an embroidery class called the Art of Stitch, conducted by the Embroiderers Guild of Victoria. Each session focused on an aspect of art, with theory, class exercises and a stitched example that reflected the aspect studied.  This is some of the work that is in my folio.

Life Drawing, Stitch and ecodyed silk on felt.

Opal Reef. Couching, stitch and beads on silk paper and felt

Texture:  Stitch and beads on fabric
Texture:  Stitch on  fabric
Colour and Texture:Pink Daisies, Fabric collage, stitch.
Gem Fish, Stitch, paint and beads on felt

Mooring Posts, Stitch, distressed fabrics, cotton fabric on felt.

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