Sunday, 6 July 2014

Fish Burger

This is the result of being in the queue at the supermarket - an impulse purchase of frozen crumbed fish portions. It could have been worse with the queue in front of the biscuits or chocolates, however, standing in the queue reminded me of the fish burger that I recently had at a local cafe. Their version was a brioche roll, fish, coleslaw, tartare and Swiss cheese, it was truly delicious. I have always enjoyed a good burger and despite not having any brioche rolls I felt inspired to recreate the fish burger for lunch. This is the result.

My Take on the Fish Burger

Fresh crusty sourdough instead of the brioche bun, homemade coleslaw dressed with a slash of oil and a squeeze of lemon juice,

then the fish portion

followed by some homemade Tartare Sauce and some sliced Maasdam cheese

The finished sandwich, a perfect light lunch.

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