Friday, 6 June 2014

I Couldn't Resist It

People who know me well would confirm that I am an aquirer. Like minded souls applaud and refer to it as collecting, the less charitable would suggest hoarding, however, that is why I have cupboards and shelves - to put things in on and around.

Having had a very agreable lunch at Oakdene  with some friends we took a short diversion to KYO, we were in the area after all.

From previous visits to this placeI knew there would be many things to love and want to bring home, so gave myself the pep talk about space, need, cost..., however, almost immediately I saw this and home it came.

I was sure that I would find somewhere to put a set of stacking laquer ware type set of containers and I did.

In my kitchen, near the pantry - I think I will use them to store sachets of spices.

I think it fits in nicely with all the other splashes of orange in our home, mostly cushions, vases, pots and flowers.

The lounge suite was originally a burnt orange fabric which simply wore out and unfortunately at the time of reupholstering could not be found, still a bit sad about that.

Some might say that the orange cat blanket on the couch is a bit much, but he is old and he loves his quilts.

The gorgeous leaves and artificial apples came from Lilypond, a shop that sells many French inspired and styled goods and is a mere short stroll from me - one must get some exercise afterall!

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