Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Orchid Season

The first 'flowering' spike of orchids. It is time to bring them out onto the patio so that they can be enjoyed, when they are all in full flower they are a magnificent sight. Luckily the back wall of the house is all windows that face onto the patio so we can see them when we are indoors.

The Orchidarium - a grand name for the narrow side strip between our house and the neighbours.
It is a good place to keep them, lots of reflected light but not in direct sunlight, the occasional feed and some water and we are rewarded with pots of gorgeous flowers. They are such undemanding plants.

Bringing them out, tidying them up and staking the flower spikes - this one will not be in full flower for a little while.

I found this cute little fella whilst staking the orchids

and then spent some time admiring this bit of the garden, the new penstemon cuttings have all started to grow and the ground cover is spreading nicely.

 Before picking the gardenias, they have been truly remarkable this year - so many flowers and heavily perfumed, still lots of buds but surely it will soon be too cold to flower.


  1. Love the cream and chartreuse with pink freckles, just gorgeous. I'm envious of your climate!

    1. I am lucky in where I live and probably do not deserve the orchids, a former neighbour who is a florist was alaways amazed by the huge number of flowers we managed to achieve by doing basically nothing.