Thursday, 15 May 2014

Flat Swap 2

 It is always a challenge to participate in an exchange and you worry that you have got it right and that your swap partner will not be disappointed. My research on Diana's blog helped with my decisions, firstly she liked roses, liked black and white, made bags, cooked, was interested in Japanese things and crafts, crochet and enjoyed thrift shopping and repurposing.

Now that I know that the surprise element will not be spoilt, this is what was in the parcel that I sent to Diana.

a drawing,

a rose zentangle

a letter, 

my letter - sealed with a rose

something paper and something handwritten,

a book mark
a quote written on the back of the book mark

 Japanese styled rose/flower paper
on the back of the recipe

a recipe

something that I made

crochet bag and
detachable bag pin/brooch made from old dress trim

and something from my stash - that I thought Diana would like and could use in her bag making

vintage Japanese kimono fabric

wrapped and tied up with black and white check ribbon

I hope Diana was as pleased with her parcel as I was with mine.

1 comment:

  1. What a beautiful and well thought out parcel.
    I love the black and white theme.
    I'm quite sure she was very pleased with it :)