Monday, 21 April 2014

Easter Treats

I love an event or occasion. Easter is perfect for casual or relaxed dining, catching up with people and a legitimate excuse for some chocolate indulgences.  If visiting a fellow crafter I usually try to take a handmade gift and depending on their tastes some chocolates or home made preserves.

This is a basket that I made from sari silks that were crocheted to form a strong rope like material and then stitched to make the basket. A few chocolate eggs and a Lindt bunny to fill it up.

The completed basket with the leftover sari silk rope and another ball of sari silk ready to make another basket. I like to have little baskets at my various workstations, they are great for putting projects into and helping to keep my work areas tidy and a little more decorative than a plastic bag. Perfect for those who work on multiple projects.

For the small folk in my life. Not too much chocolate, a small toy and all contained in a little basket. Wrapped up in a cellophane and tied with a big bow to make transporting them easy.  I buy a few Easter knick knacks at the post Easter sales and store them for the following year.

And for the person who has sworn of chocolate, a mini Simnel cake. A small portion of fruitcake, topped with marzipan and eleven marzipan balls to represent the apostles except for Judas.

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