Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Banana Puddings

I am a big fan of adapting a recipe and often combine recipes. Both of these recipes have been used before, however, combined they create a deliciously sweet pudding. The base is made with  Fran's Banana Bread and has lots of sliced sliced banana on top and then baked in a dish or cake tin. The caramel sauce that I make for the sticky date and pear cake is just as good with this. Save time and make lots of the sauce and freeze in small containers.

Another quick and easy banana dessert that also uses the caramel sauce, this version has the sauce watered down with some orange juice and a splash of rum.

Lightly fry some bananas and a slice of brioche in a non stick pan, allow the bananas to warm through or pop them in the microwave for 30 seconds or so or until hot. It is much nicer with warm/hot banana.

Stack the bananas on the brioche.

Drizzle with the caramel sauce and serve with icecream.

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