Thursday, 27 March 2014


I try to participate in as many swaps or challenges as I can. They are usually small projects that make you think about how you work and how you could respond or interpret the ideas or themes. Some are 'one off' exchanges and others are somewhat longer or more complicated.

The Embroiderers Guild of Victoria has an Artists Trading Card swap going for members. It is planned to run for the year with a theme for each month. The theme for February was red. My interpretation of this was I See (C) Red, with 5 in the series. The red base fabric is a construction made from knitting wool and pieces of fabric machined together and then felted. The white of the eye and the letter C are machine appliqued to the base. The eye lashes, iris and pupil are free machine embroidered.

Participants in the swap are allowed to trade up to three cards. These are my exchange cards or trades.

 The March theme is fish scales - one for me and three to swap. The background is a commercial fabric that is a bit sea like, the fish are appliqued to the base fabric, with free machine embroidery to detail the fins and the tail. The scales are also free machine embroidered and balanced either side  of the fish's body,

I also participated in this swap the Great Big Stitched Postcard Swap Yesterday, in the mail,  my swap from Jan in Colorado - thanks Jan. Felt circles, stitched and then mounted onto paper and card.

This one is mine, ecodyed fabric and leaf print with free machine embroidery

Today I managed to get my flat project swap in the post. I hope my swap partner is as excited as I am. Only a sneak peek at the wrapping for the moment - my interpretation of the swap has an underpinning theme of black and white. It has to travel to Canada and I would not like to ruin the surprise.

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