Tuesday, 25 March 2014

No good comes from tidying the stash - bead mishap

A friend was looking at one of my beaded goddess dolls and admiring some of the beads, she thought that they would make a nice pair of earrings. Good friend that I am I thought I will have a look and see if I have any of them left and send them to her. At the same time I decided to have a bit of a sort and tidy of the stash. Truly, no good comes from this. Unfortunately, I dropped the very large box of beads. Beads everywhere! I picked up the larger beads but scooped up a great many seed and then vacuumed the rest. I now have a container of bead soup rather than beads carefully organised by colour. It could have been worse, with every container breaking. I was, however, able to find the beads she liked in three different colours and that is why I have a stash!

This is the Beaded Goddess.

Her face is made from polymer clay using a commercial mould. I tried to give her an antique finish but she just looks like she has severe sun burn and peeling skin

and from the back

detail of her bottom - the desired beads are the large triangular ones
a close up of her perky bust and a her heart

Here are  some of the other beaded ladies that I make. These ones hang on a wire from the top of the head. They look great in a window with the sun shining through them.

This one is a simplified doll - made to use the last of the large red beads that form her body.

beaded angel used to decorate a Christmas gift for my daughter in law Rachel


  1. As always I am in awe - not of your clumsiness, I hasten to add, but of your creativity! What next?, I ask…..PL

  2. Gorgeous, I feel a workshop coming!