Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Little Baskets

I have been making these small baskets, they are reasonably quick to make and add some variety to my crafting. I enjoy learning and perfecting new techniques and investigating how different materials behave. Making a small thing like these baskets is a great way of doing this without the commitment of a large project.

The body of the baskets are made from a variety of materials, mostly twisted fabric. They are sewn together using string of different weights, embroidery thread or thin strips of fabric.

2cm wide strips of calico, sewn with heavy kitchen string
window sashing cord, coiled and then sewn together with heavy kitchen string
several fine strips of silk organza twisted together and then sewn with a single organza strip
1 cm strips of calico twisted with fine brown rope, sewn with kitchen string
twisted dressmaking patterns/tissue and thick brown string
This one is made from strips of sari silks, sewn with double thickness embroidery thread. The jewel or bright colours are gorgeous and the finished basket very soft which makes it fun to bend into different positions.  The top edge with a series of loops.

The most recent one is crocheted. I used up the last of the awful wool that was used to make a string bag. A very simple circular base to start and then a matter of using increases to get to the size you want. The sides are worked with minimal or no increases and then decreasing for the shaping and increasing again for the fluted top. I also tried out these ergonomic hooks, very nice to work with.

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