Sunday, 2 February 2014


Never one to pass up an opportunity to be out and about, the past few days have been occupied with social events. Long and lazy lunches, celebrations for Chinese New Year and coffee with friends. I have had a great time. Fortunately I have also been able to get a little of sewing and crochet in and have finally finished the lightweight summer throw that featured in a previous post - Handbag Project. The yarn that it is made from  is a blend of two very fine linen like yarns, together they create a soft red brick colour.  I purchased the yarn on cones and then used a wool winder to create small balls of the blended yarn.

I tend to work on the crochet in the evening in front of the TV or at my 'knitting" group. A lovely and so talented  bunch of ladies who have a flexible attitude to knitting. The group has a break over summer and we meet back tomorrow. I will have some show and tell! I like this pattern so much that I am going to make another one. It is ideal to do at my group when my concentration is not the best. This time I think I will make it with all the tapestry and oddments of wool in my stash. Some time ago I made a scarf using the pattern and DMC perle cotton. The finished squares, which varied in size were very small with the smallest about the size of a postage stamp.

scarf made with DMC perle cotton
detail of scarf showing different sized squares used, the smallest square had 2 rows,
the medium 3 rows and the large 4 rows

This time the squares will be larger due to the thicker wool and similar to another quilt that I made using the traditional afghan squares.

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