Sunday, 16 February 2014


The holidays are over, schools are back, everyone seems to have returned to work and the last of the groups that I belong to has met.  A passing conversation yesterday, with an elderly member at the patchwork and quilting guild meeting, reminded me about the importance of belonging.

For me, the pleasure of belonging to groups, is immeasurable. The companionship of like minded individuals, the access to skills and knowledge, workshops, group libraries, guest speakers, trips/outings and a general sense of camaraderie is a source of immense pleasure in my life.  I have met some intersting and truly fantastic people and  developed good friendships with some - people I would never have met if I had not joined a group.

Each week the knitting group gets together at Twisted Threads, a wool and thread business in Geelong. Mandy, the proprietor of the shop is very generous with her support including opening after hours for the group. This is a social group open to people who want to get together with other knitters. There are so many talented a sharing ladies in this group. Everyone works on their own projects and we have a few fun activities throughout the year.

 For the last two weeks at knitting I have been working on a crochet string bag. I used a pattern called Ovalie. I made the bag much larger and with a longer strap. The yarn that I used was brought cheaply and on a cone - awful stuff, overtwisted and difficult to work with, also stained but very strong and perfect for a bag that stretches.

still stained despite soaking in napisan, then domestos and a hot machine wash

packed and ready to go
it holds heaps, I could have taken twice as much to the patchwork meeting

One thing I now do that naughty me did not do is 'block' my creations, thanks ladies for emphasing this important part of finishing the project.
my favourite crochet block, blocked to 17 inches square and ready to be made up into a cushion

I belong to some other clubs and my involvement varies, however, I try to participate in the group activities or projects when I can.

January was a month of doing things for some of the groups. Much of this was for the Johnston Collection. Each of the groups that I am a member of belong to Geelong Artisans Group The Geelong region is undertaking the decoration of the Johnston House . The theme is It was the Night before Christmas.

These are for the Trolly Dolly Cloth Doll Club.  

Angel decorations to be suspended from the roof
Christmas decoration for the tree
This is for the Geelong Patchwork & Quilting Guild. 

Many of the members are making blocks for a quilt that will be in the main bedroom. the blocks will be sewn together and quilted. This is my block. It is made with raw edge machine applique and free machine embroidery on a beautiful linen damask fabric. This was a great reminder of my trip to India thirty years ago.

The Geelong branch of the Embroiderers Guild of Victoria are also very active with this project.

Geetag, a sub group of the Geelong Embroiderers Guild. The group focus is on textile art and creative techniques. One of the activities that members have been involved with is an exchange of Artists Trading Cards. This has happened between members in the Geelong group and also on a wider basis coordinated through the Embroiderers Guild of Victoria.

The first card is one of mine, the rest are those that were traded. They are an interesting collection of techniques and mini art works.

Another project was the Christmas exchange. Everyone received a bag like this.

It contained stuff like this, each bag was a different set of colours.

Over January it was made it up into a page like this.

Then the page was cut up into small pieces and swapped at the February meeting

The pieces could be made into a book like this

I was very excited about this and made an additional page - just pinks

and then some bookmarks with the leftover bits.

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