Thursday, 16 January 2014

Getting By in the Heat Wave

I am not a hot weather person so indulge in indoors activities as much as possible, only venturing out to water pot plants and the garden, for an early morning coffee, necessary provisions and to an air conditioned cinema (three times this week). I like to be busy and on really hot days need lots of things to take my mind off how hot I am.  Gentle and calming tasks that make me feel productive and no strenuous housework. Fortunately, I have an endless list of projects and tasks that will keep me occupied for the duration of this heatwave and probably the next ten.

The first thing I do is attend to my 'at home' ensemble. Rarely do I go sleeveless, however, it is all about keeping my cool! Next I mist myself with a spray bottle of water and enjoy the evaporative cooling process. This is an essential strategy is repeated frequently throughout the day. Now ready to tackle the list.

The first task on my list - sort out the wardrobe, this is already overdue. I do this twice a year. I pack away winter clothes in summer repeat the process as the cold weather arrives, packing away summer clothes. I am usually a little more disciplined about this and would normally have this done before the beginning of summer. I have a very large plastic tub that I use to store them in. Clothes are  repaired if necessary and then packed away washed but not ironed. I place one or two bars of soap in the plastic tub to act as moth repellent. I like to use a soap with a nice fragrance such as sandalwood and never moth balls. I also use this time to get rid of clothes that I have not worn or no longer fit. The Vinnies outlet near my house has an excellent drive thru that makes donating an easy process. Have been known to send the man of the house as he handles the heat better. Clothes that are really past it are discarded after removing buttons and chopping into rags if suitable.
A selection of garments ready for inspection and sorting.
My house is old and has very high ceilings. One of the first renovations was to build in wardrobes. This was a fantastic decision as we have floor to ceiling storage across the wall in each of the bedrooms. All this storage space does help to keep things organised and put away. One can never have too much storage! It was most satisfying to get this job done.

Knits, bags and scarves, big plastic crate on the bottom. I love storage baskets and crates makes it so easy to be organised 

Shoes, mostly sorted. Note to self - find somewhere else for scales and get more shoes

Hanging space sorted - all like garments together
It is always good to break up the day with something a bit more creative. A repetitive sewing machine task and a deadline are also a good option and take my mind off the the heat.

hard at it in the sewing room - working on another baby quilt
I am very lucky to have a room dedicated to my stitching, although, in reality any room in the house is used according to my whim and whatever is on the television. If I couldn't do some form of craft or needlework in front of the TV I would never watch it. Programs with sub titles are a bit of a challenge and not viewed all that frequently

crocheting in the sitting room
This might also be a good time to show you around my sewing room. A former bedroom with the floor to ceiling cupboards and on the opposite wall floor to ceiling bookshelves and many other storage solutions. I do not mind being surrounded by my stuff. I am a bit of a hoarder but like to keep it organised. I also like to be set up and ready to sew with all the tools and gadgets to hand.

The wall of bookshelves and a selection of my  treasures. Many of the things are made by me and others purchased.  Lots of the display items are cat related and given to me (mad cat lady) by friends and family.
banana boxes are great for storage and can be stacked on top of existing drawers or on the floor 

good to have the ironing board and iron at the ready

patchwork fabric sorted by colour
cardboard boxes - a cheap way to keep things sorted

more stuff - embroidery related and sorted into boxes and containers
mobile tables are good for working around the house
pin dolls and stuff waiting to be sorted and put away

old or vintage linen and embroidery stored in an old chest of drawers 

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