Monday, 6 January 2014

Blue is For Boys

Just finished and feel I am making good progress with the baby quilts. This quilt was made as a request by a friend for his newly arrived grandson. He asked for blue and white and if possible for it to be in Geelong Football Club colours. I decided on a simple design of blue check squares for the front and navy and white bands representing the hoops on the football jumpers of Geelong. The navy was continued into the borders.The squares were leftover from a previous quilt and the navy and white pinwhale cord from my stash as was the wadding.The quilt was made using the quilt as you go technique. The the front has been tied to the wadding but not carried through to the back. as I did not want it to show on the back. The quilt is 40 inches square and a good size for a small child to snuggle under or to sit on top of a cot.


  1. As the friend and Grandfather referred to in the description, I would like to take the opportunity of passing on a big thank you to Kerrie for all the inspiration, effort and detail demonstrated in this lovely quilt.
    The genesis of this quilt came from a passing comment one night after dinner. Kerrie was making some patches for another quilt and I jokingly said “If she had any spare time she could make a quilt for my nine week premature Grandson Will.
    A few weeks later I was asked for detail and realised Will’s quilt had become a reality. Two days ago I was told it was finished.
    I have only seen the quilt on the photos of this blog but am very excited to organize a time with Will’s mum to pick up the quilt.
    Again many thanks to Kerrie for being a great quilt maker but more so a great friend.

  2. There is nothing better than an appreciative recipient of one's creations. Well done, Cooking Kerrie – it looks beautiful and is sure to be used for many years to come.

  3. I have now taken possession of the quilt for my grandson Will. When Will saw it he was speechless! His parents were very pleased indeed and used it soon after. They are hoping they can comment with a photo to show Will underneath it; a work in progress
    It is a lovely quilt which was much thicker and potentially warmer than I anticipated from the photo and looks even better in real life. Again Kerrie thanks and I'm sure when Will finds his voice he will thank you too.

  4. It wont let me upload a picture unfortunately but I will put a link below. It is of Will have a snooze in the SCU

    Will was very happy with the quilt as were his parents! It is going to go very well with his newly aqured Cats membership.

    Thanks Kerry for all your work on this, it was a lovely surprise! We can see this quit being in the family for quite some time. Now to try cooking some of that lovely food!!!!

    Will and the quilt!

  5. Do you use a special know or just a granny knot? It's a good idea to put the backing on after the tying is done, I agree with you!