Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Getting started

My first post. I love cooking and making things and hope that this blog will become a place to share my recipes and creations. Each year I make a Santa for interested family and friends  The 2013 Santa was a rerun with modifications from a previous year. The original pattern was called Daddy Long Legs, however, I no longer have the original pattern so can not credit the designer. I have made this Santa so often that a pattern has become unnecessary.
 Ho Ho Ho - sitting on the couch waiting to go to their new homes.

This is the trial for the 2014 Santa. It is made from a pattern called How Many Sleeps? designed  by Julie Wilson / Rustic Country Wares Doll Collection. The pattern was reduced to 50% which made it more difficult to sew. The decorations below are drawn and painted on cloth disks that I made for a gift exchange with members of the Trolly Dolly Cloth Doll Club Geelong. The theme for the exchange was The Face of an Angel.

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